Book Review: How to win at the Sport of Business by Mark Cuban

Absolutely, loved Mark Cuban’s book How to win at the Sport of Business. I found his personal story inspiring and there were truly some nuggets and themes through out the book that anyone could apply to their life whether you are in business or not.

What I liked about the book:

  1. It was short and sweet and you could read it all in one sitting.
  2. It was a collection of blogs and individual thoughts that were no longer than a few pages. It made it simple and straight forward.
  3. It wasn’t just a book of principles, although it had them. It wasn’t just a book of stories, although it had them. It wrapped the principles in flesh and blood that you could connect with. I found myself saying, “I could do that.” or “Me too”.

What didn’t I like:

  1. I wanted more. The principles, the nuggets, and the stories were good but just about the time I was ramped up and totally into it, it was done.

What I learned:

Overall there were some prevailing themes even though each chapter was on a different principle. Here are the two nuggets that stuck out to me:

“You only have to be right once”

Mark, uses his own personal stories of failure to reassure you to keep trying cause you only have to be right once. He told stories of businesses that failed. He told stories of jobs he was fired from. It all led him to a place where he was going to start a business and work for himself selling software. He failed a bunch but was right once. Don’t give up cause you tried and it didn’t work. Get out there and take another swing.


Mark, talks about how all through out his life and even now as a successful billionaire he still has to hustle. The sentiment comes to mind where you might not be the smartest, fastest, greatest, at anything but you can work harder than the guy next to you. You can get up earlier, stay up later, read more, and out work him. The best example in the book was Mark’s first job selling computer software. He basically gets a job selling something he knew very little about. He then reads all of the manuals, teaches himself how to install it, trouble shoot it, and eventual knows more than most everyone who works in the store. Not because he had the degrees in computers. Not because of anything other than he out hustled everyone else.

With that said, I totally recommend this book and you can pick up your copy on amazon.


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