Power in a name…

I am beyond excited that my family of 4 became a family of 5 this past week! It was stunning to watch my wife give birth to our third child. She is strong and brave. Even in the midst of pain she pushed herself through. On Tuesday morning at 8:57am we got to meet our son Benjamin David. All 9 pounds 1 ounce and 21 inches of him.

My favorite part with Ben or really any of my children was choosing a name. I like picking the name because names have meaning and purpose. Some of that is just selfish on my part cause my name doesn’t have any crazy deep meaning but I really wanted to be intentional about naming our children.

Our daughter is the oldest and we always had her name set aside. We knew if we were having a girl it would be Charlotte and we wanted to call her Charlie. We never did but thought it would be cool. Her name is Charlotte Mary. Mary because it is a family name on Sam’s side and it would give Charlotte a legacy of 6 other women that came before her that carried the name. It is my wife’s middle name, her moms first name, Grandma’s middle name, and so on. We chose Charlotte because it was a classic name that we felt carried strength. Charlotte is the female of Charles and carries the meaning of “free or freedom”.

With our oldest son we wrestled on what to name him but once it hit us we loved it. We named our oldest boy Graham Douglas. Douglas, is for me his father. I never wanted a junior but I did want a deeper connection with my oldest son. We chose Graham for his first name because my wife liked it and it was rather classic and fit with Charlotte. I love the name Graham mostly due to my spiritual heritage of giving my heart to Jesus at a Billy Graham Crusade in the early 1990s. Billy Graham’s legacy as a preacher, as a counselor of presidents, and as one of the fathers of modern day evangelical Christianity of which I now serve as a minister of is powerful. Graham now bears that name and there is a mantle on his life because of it.

Then this week I got to meet our Benjamin David. David again is a family name as it is both my wife’s dads name and my mom’s brothers name. David also carries a powerful meaning in the Hebrew it means “Beloved of God”. Then we chose Benjamin for his first name because my wife liked it. She actually wanted to name Graham, Ben but we obviously chose not too. Ben carries a powerful meaning in the Hebrew as well and it means, “Son of my right hand.” Not only is the meaning really cool but God showed me this scripture for Benjamin’s name and I absolutely love it in the message.

“Benjamin: “ GOD ’s beloved; GOD ’s permanent residence. Encircled by GOD all day long, within whom GOD is at home.” (Deuteronomy‬ ‭33:12‬ ‭MSG‬‬)

Names are great and can be a powerful destiny positioner for us and our children. Names are so important and so powerful that when God gives a new destiny or direction in the Bible He usually gives a new name. The biggest name change in the Bible is where Jacob which means “Supplanter or deceiver” is changed by God to Israel which means “prince of God”…that will change the way you look at yourself.

Tell me about your name or your kids names. Do you like them? What do they mean? If you could change your name to anything what would it be and why? Please comment below.

2 thoughts on “Power in a name…

  1. My parents say God named me. My mom went to a neighbor’s house to visit and the little girl of the neighnor’s friend was there named Jennine. My mom asked how she spelled it, an unusual spelling for the name. When my mom came home my dad said he had heard a name on a commercial that he liked and wrote it down, even though he wasn’t sure how to spell it. He had written Jennine in the exact sam spelling and everything. Neither of them ever saw that commercial before or after that day. Not sure what it means or why God would choose that name, but very cool story to hear.

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  2. Anthony meaning worthy of praise or priceless. My middle Phillip lover of horses. When I found out years ago I wanted a tough name but over all I love my name .

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