10 Ways to start your day…

Everyone approaches the beginning of each day differently. Some of us start by hitting snooze. Some of us wake before our alarm. Some of us go to the gym while others start with a warm cup of coffee.

My day begins when my almost 4 year old daughter, Cahrlotte, comes running into our room when she sees the green 7 on her clock. She usually climbs over me and wedges herself between her mother and I. Then she will ask to watch cartoons, play “Bible” on one of our phones, or to go eat breakfast.

Shortly after this exchange we go eat breakfast as a family between 7:30-8:00. Charlotte eats cereal everyday. Sam, Graham, and I usually eat a few eggs a piece. We all take our vitamins. And then Sam and I read the Bible and pray. We are very intentional to do this in front of our kids so they see our example. Then I will get ready and head to the office.

This is our morning. There are more productive ways to begin the morning but in the season we are in this is best. Just because this works for us doesn’t mean it is best for you or even best for us. We are always looking to be better. The one thing I am certain of is that the most successful people on the planet have a morning routine that works for them.

Here are 10 ways you can start your day that will make you more productive and begin to build a morning routine.

1. Don’t start your day until it’s finished on paper.

Make your to do list for the day. It will make you more productive through out the day. Make a top priorities list for the day or adjustments to your calendar. Planning equals greater productivity.

2. Exercise.

The majority of successful CEOs, according to an article I read in Business Insider, exercise first thing in the morning. By exercising in the morning you are getting one thing off your to do list that most people will avoid all day. It gets your blood pumping and helps your body come to life.

3. Pray and meditate on the word of God.

This is your most important meeting all day. You need time with the one who made it all so He can help you prepare for your day. The gospels say multiple times about Jesus that He woke up early and withdrew to a lonely place to talk to God. If Jesus began His day that way it just might be a great way for you to begin yours as well.

4. Visualize

Take some time and think about your day. See yourself successfully completing your tasks. Picture that conversation or meeting. One of the routines of successful athletes is visualization. They picture their next at bat or next play. They see it before they do it.

5. Eat breakfast.

People who eat breakfast tend to be healthier, weigh less, and don’t get as hungry throughout the day. Eating breakfast begins your metabolism and gives your body the necessary nutrients to be active and attentive. For my family it is another meal we all eat together so there can be an added relational benefit as well.

6. Before your feet hit the floor drink 20oz of water.

Huge health benefits here. The majority of people are dehydrated and by doing this you fight against that. It is so much more than just dehydration. By drinking a big glass of water you reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, as well as wake up your whole system. You start your engine by giving your organs and your body the necessary fluid to start the many chemical reactions it needs to get moving. Huge benefits.

7. Weigh yourself.

Most people who are conscience of their weight daily make healthier choices with their day. It takes you 5 seconds and could be the difference between being healthy or not. Now I realize that may not be the case for you and the scale may intimidate you. Then by all means don’t weigh yourself.

8. Check your Email.

Get ahead of your work load that day by reading and responding to emails. Depending on your job you could easily have to navigate 100 emails or more each morning. By doing this here it will save you that 30 minute step once you arrive at the office.

9. Read the News.

Nothing worse than being uninformed. You can get a newspaper the old school way or open your phone and flip through a few apps. I get my sports from bleacher report, my news from Fox & CNN, and I love the goofy articles on Buzz Feed.

What apps do you use? Comment below and tell me.

10. Coffee

This one is more fun than anything else. If you like coffee get yourself a delicious warm cup of coffee. I am not a huge coffee drinker but with 2 kids and one due any day I’ll take some liquid energy where I can get it.

What is something you do each morning that you think I should have included in my list? Comment below and let me know.

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